There is true bottomless beauty found in each soul. 

     I am a mother of three daughters, a wife and a photographer in Portland, Oregon. As a family woman I cherish photographs for how they capture time in the midst of constant change. Sometimes I don't even see how lovely an image is until some time has passed and I realize that I'll never again see that expression, chubby cheek smeared with jam, or dirty hands clutching my dress. I believe photography is invaluable for it's ability to recall loved ones and times past in a beautiful and true way.

    My greatest struggle is to be in pursuit of everyday body positivity. We live in a human culture that idolizes superficial perfection and calls that standard beauty. But I believe in the deep, true and eternal beauty inside each one of us. That is the beauty I photograph in my sessions and that is the beauty I live for.  My heart for people has grown into a passion for showing that love through portraiture.

   Photography has loomed large in my creative life from as far back as I can remember and I've been on a slow journey developing my voice and using photography as a medium for finding the beauty in all the hard places. I use a Pentax k1000 and Minolta maxxuum (both film cameras) to make collaborative art with families. check out my portfolio, blog or my Instagram to get a feel for what I do. Thanks for being here!

I can't wait to capture the beauty of your family in photos you can treasure for a lifetime. Get in touch via email or phone (503) 729-5828 or the contact form below.

                          - Yola

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photo by Matthaus Owens

photo by Matthaus Owens