Winter Evening

Lifestyle photography with a documentary approach is what I call my work. I want to capture a bit of your everyday, a bit of the way you interact. I won't ask you to smile or look at me for every shot, in fact I will probably direct you to look at your family members. If I am to capture an image that speaks to you of the place and time when it was taken it will need to include connection and surroundings. That picture/wall hanging/painting on the wall should be in the shot. You might not remember that artwork in 10 years but when you see the details of your home in the background of your photos it will bring up so many memories of how and where you lived. That's why in-home sessions are my favorite. There's no better way to deliver a session full of forever photographs that elicit strong memories than to photograph you in your home. 

Erin of Preserve Creative Photography let me come into her home and capture some memories for her and her girls. It's terribly fun, and a little nervewracking, photographing photographers. But also soooo satisfying to give images of family to a person who is usually on the other side of the lens.  

LifestyleYola Owens