Kids Rule

The holiday season is in full swing and coming into people's homes during this time is such a sweet gift. For me December is a really tender family time and my house is full of garlands, wreaths, dried oranges, and hand painted cinnamon ornaments. Also the detritus of weeks of crafting with young children and a whole lot of paint in places I'd rather not have it. 

Giving mini sessions this season has been the best gift I can give this year both to the families in my life and to myself (aside from the homemade ornaments I suppose). Each family that has welcomed me into their home in this time is a gift for me as it fills my creative cup and opens a window into another family - which is so good for parenting perspective! All of the kids I get to photograph rule and all the parents are gracious. Best. Work. Ever.

LifestyleYola Owens