Personal Project: Low Light truth telling

My personal project this winter is to keep shooting trough the dark, no putting away the camera because the light isn't great. Pacific Northwest USA winter means mostly gray skies, rain and darkness by 4. This late afternoon to evening time is when we're together the most in winter and it's a super mundane time that is usually taken for granted. These hours are filled with a rush of tasks and dinner prep and managing everyone's needs. I find myself falling into super manager mode each winter; trading chores for movie time and refusing to be present because of my ever expanding to do/wash/carry/clean list. Taking time to notice moments I can photograph, to practice using this challenging lighting situation to portray our life right now, is changing the way I view these afternoons and evenings. It pulls them apart from the boring and restrictive. My 'being stuck inside at home' angst is becoming more of a rarity now that I can use photography as an interface. I have been amazed to find that in the few weeks since I began this project evenings have become a fun opportunity to play and practice this craft, and it calls me into more interaction and observation. For my family that means I spend less time trying to distract the kids with movies, less exasperation, less just wishing for bedtime to arrive already. And it means more hanging out together, bouncing off the furniture, telling each other about our days. It's certainly not a cure-all for this wickedly difficult time but it is providing me with some relief, and some grace.

Poetic ImageryYola Owens