Why Photography Anyways?

Chapter one. I've loved photography for a long long time. I recall first loving Ansel Adams and Annie Liebovitz and then Imogen Cunningham. I had a camera and I loved it, the transformation from idea and film to image was thrilling. I would treasure and look at both my photographs and the family albums over and over. But my art was dance and the imagery I loved in photography always produced movement in me. 

Chapter two. I took a break from dance, both because I felt lost and recognized that I needed restoration in my body and soul. The world of dance felt full of criticism (not the constructive kind) and a constant struggle towards the unattainable. In my youthful passion I couldn't see the long game anymore. So I stopped. But there was writing and photography and sewing. Although I considered them private pursuits they consumed much of me and I recognize them now as necessary creative outlets  

Chapter three. Kids. 

Chapter four. I began taking steps to reclaim myself. First clothing and then writing and early mornings spinning poetry and beginning to toss it out into the world. While I did this I took photographs every day. And one day I realized that these images I was trying so hard to communicate through first dance and then poetry could be expressed in photographs. So photography. That's why.