Whenever i think there is just too much to bear with this small heart of mine I find that there is beauty in the light, and there is beauty in the places without light, and that I can describe it with my eyes.

All my heart wants to see this spring is daisies on pastels in grainy dreams. This winter it was all rainbows and the curve of cheeks. I love that the seasons change how I feel and how I see and what I want to make. And I see how each season will bring with it a new project and that frees me up to say that I will just follow my heart and eye. Ask people to lie down with their arms outstretched. Get weird and really close and invite people to my blanket. But it won't feel weird, it will feel lovely because it will be now. And I cannot repeat enough how important it is to do the thing now, the thing calling out. I know because I have walked away from so many things.

So come and lie down on my patchwork pastel quilt and make daisy chains and close your eyes into rainbows. We will bottle it up for a rainy day. We will both be happy to have done it and to look back on it well done.