Being Seen part 2

Being seen is so much better than hiding. And I'm not talking about just being exposed, I'm talking about someone looking into you for what makes your particular brand of beauty. Someone seeing you, not as a representation of a group of people, as an individual, as a beautifully heartbreakingly unique individual. You've got something wonderful in you that nobody else has. So don't hide it. Come be seen.

Portrait Soirees are just that - a place to be seen, compassionately, with curiosity and respect. A place to discover that you are photogenic and not awkward at all but in fact beautiful. I can see beauty in you and I can show it back to you through photographs. I can't change our conditioning to see beauty in only one shape or type or expression, but I can promise that I will see your beauty and i will depict it. Even if it feels raw when you see the photos they will show you, with honesty and compassion that you are beautiful. And these will be a treasure in 5, 10, 25 years. These will be a treasure not only for you but for the people who love you, the ones who you care for and who care for you. For kids and grandkids, nieces and nephews, lovers and partners these will be a treasure. 

These photos are from a portrait session, not a Soiree but they evoke the same feelings and desires that are brought forth in a Soiree. The same story of individuals carrying their own beauty and me drawing that forth with light. This is the tale of an intimate portrait session either solo or in Soiree form.