Photography is this amazing physical representation of our lives. A photograph can show us what it looks like and means to be loved, who people we've lost were, just how heartbreakingly beautiful and ugly this life is. So many of us today think about photos in terms of how enticingly unrealistic and idealized they will be, and we link our estimation of their worth to their aspirational glory. But aside from 'insta-worthy' or 'pinterest-worthy' images there is a whole world of photography that serves an entirely different purpose. To speak ourselves back to each other. Raw, true, real, to evoke the feelings of a time, place or person as it was felt. And that second group of motives is why I use photography. I'm awake to the ethereal realness of being alive. Sensitive and honest, my photographs are telling a story of beauty and wholeness and the truth of feelings. I'm not a documentarian, not a lifestyle or editorial photographer, I defy these categorizations because I am a poet of photography.  



feel this


you are mysterious and lovely and totally yourself. No one else can claim you. It's up to you to be true.