At the top of Mount Spokane.


We brought our vision together over the course of a few months and that effort culminated in a wonderful hike up the mountain, wedding garb in tow, to capture some magic the day after their ceremony. We talked about life and marriage. I got to hear their engagement story (which by the way included a hike to the top of Mount Spokane as well). And when we reached the top, my heavens. My jaw dropped at the breathtaking beauty of the wildflowers, the cold wind, the way the setting sun cast a pink glow on our bare skin. They brought all the romance and I brought my eagerness to capture that romance in all it’s authentic loveliness. Lauren and Matt were amazing in their comfort and willingness to be freely affectionate with each other, to let me witness their deep connection and adoration. I’m so glad they trusted me with this adventure.




10 years baby!

Josh and Colette brought me along to celebrate 10 years of marriage! We laughed and laughed and had gorgeous drinks at Wilder. Being able to be close to the people I am photographing, being trusted with the intimacy of recording special time for them, to receive the honor of an invitation into sacred and intimate moments is freaking amazing. What a gift! I have cultivated this skill so I can shower it on others in service and in turn receive the gift of trust from them. So many heart emojis. Love you friends. Happy 10 years.


The Ironwood-Hunt Wedding

…when they look back on these photos with their grandchildren all the lovely feelings and memories will be present in these photos. Not just a documentation of the wedding but a capture of the feeling of the wedding. Enjoy!

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