Creative Authenticity

I've found that many creatives, myself included, feel a disturbing sense of inauthenticity over their medium choice. While some feel certain that one path or another of creative outpouring was always the one they wanted to pursue others can feel called in many directions, earnestly dabbling in all kinds of media. Having a splayed set of interests is a challenging hurdle. How do you grow proficiency when you keep changing your mind? After leaving the world of dance which I heavily invested in for about 10 years of my youth I was struck with a feeling of lack. As though I would forever be a jill of all trades master of none. Somehow finding a new creative outpouring was frightening in it's insecurity. What if I had left what I was meant to do? Were all those years dancing instead of everything else just wasted? Had I thrown it away? Would I ever be able to do anything else well enough to make something of it? The answers were all over the map and I thought for many years that my true creative life must be over. But recently I have realized that when you are called to be creative there is not a singular path to letting that light shine into the world. There are probably many paths to a true expression and they all are achieved through hard work. Deep diving on any media that you feel excited about will teach you either that you don't like it or that you do. And all that's required of us to succeed is hard work. Put the time in to studying and finessing your craft and you will be able to use whatever that craft is to express your creative truth. So the quandry isn't 'what should I be doing?' it is in fact what do I choose to do first. And then you just keep plodding along. Learning, honing, diving deeper, changing course when necessary. The only way to do the correct thing is to do anything at all as well as you possibly can. Do the work and the beauty will follow.