Portrait Soiree

A project I've been excitedly crafting has come to be! The portrait Soiree is a wonderful combination of art and party. A forum for meeting those drawn to the same ethereal portraiture as you, a place to feel comfortable and you as you can be. A sweet nexus of connection with the unearthing of an truly individual art. This time we listened to Shakira, drank Gin and tonics with raspberry rose syrup and everyone let loose a little. We talked over the highs and lows of our weeks and years while we nibbled on grapes, smoked feta and some really great crackers with dried fruit and nuts inside! It really was all I hoped it could be. A comfy cosy intimate hang, a romantic and beautiful romp through pools of light. I teared up as I saw each persons beauty so clearly. it was wonderful. I'm totally doing it again.

A week ago I was all set for this abundance to flow onto the page and then...I watched The Little Prince...break for tears...and all I can think is that the important things are the ones not seen. Those very qualities I am always on about capturing because I can't quite grasp them. The things you can't see but can find described in an image. I think it's here. For me it's here. Come play and sway in the ethereal with me. 


I will be offering a Soiree quarterly and if you'd like to be in the know about where and when please subscribe to my newsletter, (that's where the goods are at!) you will receive first dibs on Soiree tickets and advance notice of upcoming events before they're open to the general public. I am excited to see you soon at a Soiree!