Yola Owens
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Love and Celebration



          The things will fade...but the feelings won't


To see and be seen, to put your faith in love and the love of another, the greatest act of daring we get in our emotional lives. A wedding and a marriage are so much more than the appearance of them. The things will fade, their appeal will dull as they fall out of fashion, but the feelings won’t. The feelings captured in these photographs will only become more valuable, more of an irreplaceable treasure the longer they are kept.

That is how the purposeful capturing of your wedding will unfold, with my focus on seeing you and your experience, with me capturing those moments between people, the seconds that you won’t get back. I’ll be capturing the treasure of your wedding experience in a time capsule you will cherish forever. The intimate truth of you so that you can recall not just how tall the wedding cake was or how perfect the decorations, but how it felt to be making a momentous leap.

This wedding included a destination session the day after the wedding. Please reach out if you’re interested in combining a destination and wedding package. I love travel and I love the way I can be with couples and love on them through photography, I can’t wait to talk with you about your wedding.